Vacation to Ocala, Florida

Dear Sweet Fiona Quinn:

At 1:15 AM you returned home from your very first vacation.  On Tuesday, 7 June , you and your Mommy and Daddy packed up the car and headed south down I-75 to Ocala, Florida.  You stopped around 4:00 AM to sleep for a little while on the south side of Atlanta.  When you awoke you had four more driving hours until your reached your destination of Ocala.  This is the hometown of your Great Aunt Janice.  You really enjoyed your time there because Aunt Janice has an unground pool which you thoroughly enjoyed.  After your visit to Ocala, your little family went farther south and spent two days in Daytona Beach.

Mimi and I missed you a great deal but your Mommy was faithful in her promise to send us a picture each day you were away.

There is a beautiful picture of you just staring out into the ocean and I cannot keep from wondering what thoughts were running through your mind.  I can remember the first time that your Mimzi and I saw the ocean for the very first time.  In 2001, I attended an adult education conference in Charleston, South Carolina, and your Mimzi was able to go with me.  After we checked in to our hotel, we went to the beach at Isle of Palms, and it was at that moment that I realized the grandeur of God and His creation.  Mimi and I just stood there, for what felt like hours, and stared into the beautiful ocean  Unlike you, we experienced the ocean very late in our lives.

All my love,
Grand Pabbie



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