Santa Visits Mimzi and Pabbie


Dear Fiona Quinn:

Even though our tradition is to celebrate Christmas Day at your house, Santa Claus was kind enough to drop off gifts for you at our house and to fill a stocking for you.  You will come over in the next few days to open your gifts.

Your Minion stocking was handmade for you last Christmas by a friend of ours, Anita Fisher.

All of my love,


Wednesday, 10 August 2016

IMG_2427Dear Fiona Quinn:

Mimzi and I are so thrilled that you are visiting us this evening.  You came over at 5:30 and will be staying until 10:00.  Today, your mother was off from work and she went to Somerset Community College to purchase her textbooks for her very first semester in college.  I am so proud of her for taking this step.  You will also be spending the night on Friday and spending most of Saturday with us.  I plan to make you one of my big breakfasts that you love so much.

Tonight you wanted to watch Despicable Me and The Lorax, two of your most favorite movies.  You also love Frozen and Hotel Transylvania.

I did have to have a little talk with you this evening.  You dropped the refrigerator magnets that you were playing with and you said, “Shit,” not once, but three times  and I had to tell you that it was not a nice word and not to say it.  I have told your parents that you are like a little sponge absorbing everything you see and hear.

You brought such joy into Mimzi and my evening!  We love you so very, very much!

All of my love,


Vacation to Ocala, Florida

Dear Sweet Fiona Quinn:

At 1:15 AM you returned home from your very first vacation.  On Tuesday, 7 June , you and your Mommy and Daddy packed up the car and headed south down I-75 to Ocala, Florida.  You stopped around 4:00 AM to sleep for a little while on the south side of Atlanta.  When you awoke you had four more driving hours until your reached your destination of Ocala.  This is the hometown of your Great Aunt Janice.  You really enjoyed your time there because Aunt Janice has an unground pool which you thoroughly enjoyed.  After your visit to Ocala, your little family went farther south and spent two days in Daytona Beach.

Mimi and I missed you a great deal but your Mommy was faithful in her promise to send us a picture each day you were away.

There is a beautiful picture of you just staring out into the ocean and I cannot keep from wondering what thoughts were running through your mind.  I can remember the first time that your Mimzi and I saw the ocean for the very first time.  In 2001, I attended an adult education conference in Charleston, South Carolina, and your Mimzi was able to go with me.  After we checked in to our hotel, we went to the beach at Isle of Palms, and it was at that moment that I realized the grandeur of God and His creation.  Mimi and I just stood there, for what felt like hours, and stared into the beautiful ocean  Unlike you, we experienced the ocean very late in our lives.

All my love,
Grand Pabbie


Sweet Dreams, Pooh

sweet-dreams-pooh-disney-s-my-very-first-winnie-the-pooh-hardcover-Dear Fiona Quinn,

This evening we read our very first book in our 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Challenge: Sweet Dreams, Pooh by Kathleen W. Zoehfeld ad illustrated by Robbin Cuddy.  The book was very colorful and you kept reaching toward the book when you saw the red and blue heffalump.  Mom Shelton made a comment to Mimzi this evening that I will have you reading before you start speaking! I have certainly loved reading all of my life and I so want you to enjoy reading and books as much as I do!

You are the apple of my eye,

Friday, 20 February 2015

Papaws Building

Somerset Community College North, Meece Hall

Dear Fiona Quinn:

My precious love, when I took Mimzi to work this morning the temperature was seventeen degrees below zero.  Because I am unable to walk unaided, I was not able to report to work, myself.  After I dropped Mimzi off at work, I returned home and did some reading in our nice comfy reading chair in the den.  Currently, I am reading John Paul the Great: Remembering a Spiritual Father by Peggy Noonan.  It is a wonderful book and I should finish it on Saturday evening.  It is packed with such wonderful reflections on God that I am reading it very slowly so that I will not miss anything in this wonderful gem of a book.

sleepy baby

Nap time always follows bottle time.

At 1:00 PM, I picked up Mimzi and her friend Mary Ann Ryan and we all went to Mill Springs Pizza for lunch.  We got our Friday usual fare and it was delicious, as always.  Following our lunch hour, I took Mimzi to look for a Fred Thrasher print to be given to her boss, Superintendent Boyd Randolph, who lost his father to a heart attack.  She is looking for a winter farm scene because Mr. Randolph’s father was a farmer.  I then returned Mimzi to work and I drove Mary Ann to the Dollar General Store for some items she needed.  She has been stuck in the house since Sunday because of the snow.

We did not get home until 6:30 because Mimzi had some work that still needed doing, but just as soon as we got home I had you in my arms feeding you a bottle of formula.  You were a little squirmy but it was because you were sleepy in addition to being hungry.  Wonderfully, you played with Papaw until your mother got in from work at 12:45 AM.  I so enjoyed our evening together!

You are the apple of my eye,